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IT Assessment Process (ITAP)

An IT Assessment Process (ITAP) enables organizations to have a clearer idea of what their operational IT needs are, and the pros and cons of using different technologies to help their organization develop an IT infrastructure which supports their strategic business objectives. The primary purpose of an IT Assessment is to help executive management understand and manage their information systems as a strategic business asset by analyzing their unique business situation.

The objective is:
“To review the current IT investment and infrastructure of an organisation and assess whether it meets its role in supporting the organization's business objectives through providing efficient, transparent and secure information systems.

The IT Assessment process begins by gathering information about the organization's business objectives and about day-to-day operations. This information assists in the understanding of how and why specific systems have been implemented whilst also identifying areas or tasks that can be improved or made more efficient by upgrading existing systems or by implementing new technologies.

A summary of the key deliverables of the ITAP is as follows:

  • The main deliverable is the IT ASSESSMENT PROJECT (ITAP) REPORT.

  • Status of IT in the organization.
  • Identification of strategic issues in relation to IT.
  • Risk factors.
  • Proposed strategies to address issues and mitigating risks

IT Project Management

When dealing with IT projects, using specialized project management techniques will be very beneficial to your ongoing progress leading to a much higher success rate in the long run. Planning and carrying out IT projects can be tricky for a variety of reasons, making the ability to complete them successfully a very valuable asset to any employer.

Selection & Deployment of IT Client Solutions

On assessing Clients’ requirements through say, ITAP above, we can assist them in the identification and deployment of the IT solutions that best meet their objectives and operations. Such solutions could be ‘off-the-shelf’ or ‘custom-tailored’.

Systems Design and Development

In conjunction with our partners, Kampala Computer Centre, we design and develop customized tailor-made systems based on the exact requirements of Clients. The following are some systems in stock which solve a whole spectrum of business segments. They were originally designed according to specific clients’ requirements but these have become generic and so general-purpose solutions.

IT Bid Document Preparation

We develop bid documents in a professional manner to ensure compliance to the most minute detail for the satisfaction our clients. All requirements stipulated in the procurement and purchasing processes documents, that is, Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Tender (RFT) or Request for Quotation (RFQ) are met to the letter , including proper format and content.

IT Human Resource Recruitment

Our IT human resource recruitment package assists a client institution to identify and recruit the most competent and suitable IT personnel in a transparent professional manner.

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