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Hardware & Software Maintenance

Computer systems, just like motor vehicles, need regular servicing, referred to as Preventive Maintenance, for efficient performance. Computer systems performance degrades over time. The hard disks get filled up with temporary files, cookies and quite often out of date files. Some hardware parts wear out and need to be replaced. The ventilators and fans get congested with dust. The software requires regular updates / upgrades / patches. Our Preventive Maintenance Plan ensures that; your computer systems perform at optimum speeds; your operating and application software is kept up to date; your computer systems are protected against Malware (Virus, Spyware, Adware) and most important that your data is safe and secure.

IT Security Support

All forms of information in an organisation and the medium used for communication or storage (e.g. paper, portable storage media, computers, networks, and telecommunications) need to be protected. We investigate an organisation’s IT systems and establish guidelines to protect the information from accidental or intentional unauthorized modification, destruction and disclosure.

IT Network Health Checks

IT Network Health Checks are necessary to identify anomalies, inefficiencies and irregularities which cause an organisation's network to function ineffectively. Through investigation and assessment of the health or wellbeing of the organisation's IT network, we are able to  analyze the network components in order to determine the source (s) of these anomalies and recommend remedial actions to be taken.

IT Technical Resource Outsourcing

Organisations choose to outsource their IT support for a number of reasons including cost effectiveness, a wider pool of talent and absence of vacations or sick leave. There are also situations in which organisations are faced with IT issues beyond the expertise of their IT internal staff. We have a team of IT consultants and associate consultants who will stand in for employees on vacations or for resolution of an organisation's IT challenges which cannot be solved by the internal staff.

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