eConsult (U) Ltd is a Ugandan operated Information Technology (IT) services firm which provides a range of IT services utilising proven methodologies to achieve world class results. eConsult’s principals have collective IT experience spanning over 4 decades whilst serving in a variety of sectors including public sector (government), banking, academia, parastatals, multilateral agencies and NGOs .

They bring vast knowledge and “Best Practices” to the selection, design, development and deployment of IT solutions to clients of all magnitudes.

eConsult takes pride in the wide base of technical expertise in its consultants and associate consultants. We take care in ensuring recruitment of highly motivated and energetic individuals with solid professional standing.

In all our engagements we provide an optimal mix of senior and mid-level talent in order to provide our clients with the best overall value. The depth and breadth of experience, combined with our utilization of practical methodologies for project management, software development, and risk management, gives eConsult the ability to meet client needs in a cost-effective manner.

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